Saturday, March 20, 2010

Renner loved when that big long tongue came
out and licked him!Both getting a swing with grandma taylor!

Wheelbarrow rides!

At the park with jen and linc.
Renner taking a rest! Silly boy!

Hali riding the whale!

All of them going down the slide!

Climbing to get to the slide again!

Cute Hali loves to climb!

Playing outside on a warm spring day!

Dad playing with the kids after a long days work!

Renner loves to walk around in my running shoes!

Down at the Hunt Expo. The kids loved lookin
at all the animals!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

JoLLy GoOd TiMe!

Christmas Lights in Ogden!Hali having so much fun running around

Had to get a pic. by the ski shop!

He was running around like a crazy man!

I made Red and Green Pancakes on Christmas
Eve fun!

Hali diggin in...she LOVES pancakes!

OPening up there Pajamas on Christmas Eve!

Chrismas Morning!
Renner with his new Gun, He drags all over the house!

Hali so excited about her new Mega Blocks!

Sitting in there new wagon at grandpa and
grandma Taylors!
Carter didnt want to be left out of the wagon
Renner having a good time in his new fire truck!
OPening MORE gifts at grandpa and grandma

Hali and Bree playing with there new toys!

HALI in her cute pink polka dot dress! love it!
Silly BOY!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just a few Random Pics!

Renner touching the pheasant jare shot in the field out behind our house!They dont know how to share yet!

Carter in the back, wondering what the heck that dead thing is!

Hali on the playhouse! Trying to get up the slide, but kept slipping down!

Carter Giving Renner a cute! And Hali with
her carters apple that she would not let go of:)

Checking out our stinky pigs! and Hali still hanging on
to that apple!!

Shelley making sure Hali and Carter dont fall of the
horse! They all love that thing!

Renner helping Dad mow!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My little Lady BUg and ZeBra! Cute little Hali, what a cute little face:)

I loved this costume, it fit Renners personality prefectly!

Sitting on the Haystack! Hali ready to get some candy!

Renner and his goofy faces!